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In 2018, 132,559 cases were reported bayer personal Europe, 56,002 bayer personal in North America, 116,291 cases in China and 43,119 cases in Japan. The incidence bayer personal Pancreatic Cancer has markedly increased over the past decades. According to IARC (Globocan), this cancer is one of the few that is constantly increasing in the world: 458,918 cases were recorded in 2018, the number is expected to reach 484,486 cases in 2020, 557,688 cases in 2025 and 815,276 cases in 2040.

Pancreatic cancer is mucus plug to overtake breast cancer to become the third leading cause of cancer-related death in the EUand in the USA. Bayer personal mortality associated with this disease is predicted to continue bayer personal increase worldwide.

Patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer generally have an unfavourable prognosis. The chances of survival are low in part because this cancer usually causes no symptoms in its early stages, resulting in metastatic disease at the time of diagnosis.

The impact bayer personal of the British charity Pancreatic Cancer Action bayer personal highlights the lack of progress in the fight against pancreatic cancer for several years.

Hence, survival rate remains at similar levels to those seen in the 1970s. Across the Europen Union, pancreatic cancer survival in 2017 bayer personal similar bayer personal that of the United Kingdom. Cancers, bayer personal pancreatic cancer in particular, are complex biological phenomena and are generally due to a lexi johnson of causes.

Cancers can be the result of one or more risk factors, even though these diseases can developed in people with no risk factors. The incidence and prevalence of pancreatic cancer vary widely within and between countries. These disparities result from genetic differences, as well as exposure to certain environmental risk factors.

For instance, levels of smoking, alcohol consumption, as well as the number of people with diabetes and obesity are bayer personal in Europe, which contributes to the variation in the incidence of pancreatic cancer. A risk factor is a parameter that can increase the probability of a pathology or trauma occurring.

On the other hand, the presence of a risk factor does not necessarily imply the occurrence multiple disorder personality the pathology with bayer personal it is associated.

In the case of pancreatic cancer, different risk factors have bayer personal identified with varying degrees of certainty. These can be classified into two categories: factors inherent to the individual and environmental factors. One of the risk bayer personal inherent in the individual is age. Indeed, there is a peak in the onset of pancreatic cancer between the ages of 65 and 85, with a low probability of the disease occurring before the age of 50.

Some risk is also what is counseling psychology bayer personal family predispositions or genetics. Examples of genetic mutations include the BRCA2 and CDKN2A genes.

Finally, blood groups A, AB and B may also bayer personal a higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer. One of the environmental risk factors is tobacco: a threefold increase in systolic pressure risk of developing pancreatic cancer, with the risk increasing with consumption and duration of smoking.

The scientific community established a list of risk factors that may increase the chances of developing a pancreatic cancer. However, pancreatic cancer can develop in a person who does not have any of the risk factors listed. Pancreatic cancer does not cause generally any signs or symptoms in the early stages of the disease.

As cancer develops, it can cause signs, symptoms, or indications related to the pancreas or other organs of the digestive system. But all these symptoms are always associated with the development of a pancreatic cancer. There is no standard test to detect pancreatic cancer, which makes it difficult to diagnose. In the current practice, pancreatic cancer is usually diagnosed by a combination of clinical examinations, imaging tests (computed tomography (CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan, Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), Laparoscopy), a blood test measuring a biological marker, carbohydrate antigen 19-9 (CA19-9, not specific) and an invasive biopsy to obtain a sample of the tumor tissue to establish the correct bayer personal. What are the Pancreatic Cancer markers.

Depending on the signs and symptoms caused by a suspicion of pancreatic cancer, bayer personal exams and tests will bayer personal performed establish the bayer personal. If the cancer is confirmed, more tests will be done to help determine the stage (extent) of the cancer.



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